Donate Hockey Socks

Our toques that we give are made by repurposing new and used large knit hockey socks that we collect. All used hockey socks are completely washed, disinfected, and patched (if there are small rips or tears).


How to Donate:

Fill out our "Hockey Sock Donation Form" if you would like to donate your hockey socks and we will provide you with our shipping address. View our Shipping Policy for more information.

If you live within the GTHA (Greater Toronto or Hamilton Area) you can drop off your hockey socks at one of our multiple designated collection points, which we will provide to you upon delivery request.




Together, we have collected 1200 hockey socks.

Are you a part of a club, business, or organization that is looking to support a good cause? Or are you a Canadian who is passionate about supporting homeless Canadians?

Help us collect hockey socks

It can be as simple as reaching out to friends and family for hockey sock donations, or by setting up a donation bin at your store location.

Contact us if you are interested and we will provide you with some further information and promotional assets.


 Hockey Socks