Donate Hockey Socks

Collecting (Nov 23rd - Dec 19th, 2021)


How To Donate:

Option 1: Drop off at one of our two drop off locations in Mississauga and Hamilton, Ontario.

Option 2: Ship to one of our two drop off locations mentioned above.

Contact us for location details.


Donation Requirements:

  1. Must be adult large size or greater.
  2. Minimal wear and tear (no holes).
  3. Machine washed and bagged.
  4. The socks must be knit material and not the newer thin synthetic socks.

Unfortunately, we cannot use any hockey socks that do not fulfill these guidelines because they hinder our ability to repurpose them into toques and scarves for our mission.


What are we doing with the hockey socks?

Some of you may know us as the "Hockey Sock Toque" creators! While that is how we started, we are innovating and changing things up when it comes to our sustainable repurposing practices.

This year we are repurposing a lot of the hockey socks we collect into scarves! This is our sustainable way of giving more warm and durable items while providing a unique opportunity for the hockey community to help Canadians experiencing homelessness.


3000+ Hockey Socks Collected

During our 2020/2021 Hockey Sock Toque Campaign thanks to your support and generous donations, we collected over 3000 hockey socks, many of which have already been repurposed into toques and given to Canadians in need.


    Run Your Own Hockey Sock Drive

    If you would like to take our hockey sock drive concept and try it yourself, check out our How To Run Your Own Hockey Sock Drive PDF for a step by step guide to go from sock to toque! Reach out if this is something you would like to try in your community, we would love to support you along the way!