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Toques From The Heart
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2021 Gift Guide: ‘For the Hostess’ & Gifts that Give Back
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2021 Gift Guide: ‘For the Hostess’ & Gifts that Give Back

By: Natalie Langston

The holiday season is back again and I am OVERJOYED to be sharing my gift guides again. I love seeing what goodies have been carefully picked out by opinions I trust, and having things sorted into categories honestly just makes the process so so easy!! I L.O.V.E. putting these together, getting to showcase some of my favourite brands and local small businesses, and imagining these beloved items wrapped up and under your trees waiting for your loved ones 🙂 AH it brings me such joy <3 <3 <3 Alsoooo, the gift guides miiight just give a sneak peek into what’s on my list of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways… 😉 More details to come soon!

This final gift guide has two parts to it. I wanted to focus on giving back to the community and the people that make your gatherings possible! 1) For the community, we have items you can buy that donate partial proceeds as well as suggestions of places to donate to!! 2) We want to hostesses & hosts as the miracle party planners that have been organizing for months to make everything perfect, including devoting a lot of their time and energy (and probably money) into making sure YOU have a great night. Even when the event is underway they’re still on the clock!! It’s hard to quantify how much goes into any given event, so I put this list together with things that will help them destress after everything is cleaned up and things that will inspire more gatherings in the future! Everything here pairs nicely with a bottle of wine 😉

Gifts that Give Back

You’ve probably already seen Toques From The Heart on a few of my gift guides already, and now it’s time you know why: not only are their toques soft and stylish, but for each one purchased, they give a toque to a Canadian experiencing homeless. This year TFTH has a goal of donating 35,000 toques- so every purchase brings them one step closer to achieving that mission!! I really love their Merino line, but they have a ton of Classic options as well as Hockey Team Toques…  because I mean we live in Canada so that’s kind of a requirement 🤪 Each one has a hidden “stay warm together” message stitched onto the back, talk about heartwarming ❤️

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