How It's Made

Handmade in Canada 🍁

Straight from the heart, all of our toques are made in Canada. We are passionate about selling premium quality toques to our customers, while also accepting and repurposing gently-used hockey socks into toques to give back to Canadians in need.

 This provides Canada's hockey community with a special opportunity to help the homeless. Individuals, families, teams and hockey organizations donate used hockey socks for us to handmake into toques, allowing us to distribute them to Canadians experiencing homelessness.


Toques we Sell

Our toques that we sell are made out of brand new, soft knit material, which is a special (cotton x polyester) mix that makes our toques soft and durable. We also double-line our toques for added warmth and comfort. 


Toques we Give

Our toques that we give are made out of new and used, knit hockey socks, which we collect and fully repurpose into toques. The smaller sized hockey socks that we receive are used to double-line the toques for added insulation. All hockey socks are washed, disinfected, and patched (if there are small rips or tears).