How It's Made

all in the details

Carefully Crafted

We understand how hard it can be to find a quality toque that you never want to take off. That’s why we took the time to carefully craft toques that you’ll fall in love with. Ones that you would be proud to wear. Made to fit and feel great so both you and a Canadian in need can take on winter more comfortably.

Canadian roots

Made in Canada

All of our toques are made straight from the heart here in Canada. Canada does it best when it comes to warm clothing, especially toques! We’re all about supporting Canadians in every way possible through making our products at home; supporting our friends, family, neighbours, and the overall economy.

"stay warm together"

Hidden Message

We incorporated our mantra “stay warm together” under the rim of all of our tagged toques as a close reminder of your support. Show off the hidden message by unfolding the rim and wearing it beanie style or keep it unfolded and close to your heart.

Sustainable Products

These toques have sustainable features based on the type of thread used and where it is sourced from. Learn more about how they're made in the product descriptions.