Our Mission

Toques From The Heart is a social enterprise dedicated to giving a toque to every Canadian experiencing homelessness.

Each toque purchased allows us to make and give a toque away to a Canadian in need.

We are able to efficiently do this through our sustainable method of repurposing hockey socks that we collect, into warm and durable toques.  


Handmade in Canada 🇨🇦

Straight from the heart, all of our toques are handmade in Canada 🍁. We are passionate about selling premium quality toques, engaging in a sustainable repurposing practice, and providing Canada’s hockey community with a special opportunity to help the homeless.

500 Toques Given

35,000 Canadians experience homelessness on any given night. We strive to provide all of them with warm and durable toques during the cold winter months. Our toques are hand delivered directly to the homeless by our team and by our partnered non-profit organizations.

500 Toques Given

1200 Hockey Socks Collected

Our toques that we give are made by repurposing knit hockey socks that we collect. This sustainable repurposing practice is our unique way of making more toques, while providing Canada’s hockey community with a special opportunity to help the homeless.

1200 Hockey Socks Collected

Toques we Sell

Made from a soft (cotton x polyester) mix that gives a premium quality feel. Designed for warmth, comfort, and durability our toques are well thought out. They are double-layered and fit to hug your head keeping you super warm during the cold winter months.

Our classic toques give a simplistic look and a strong show of support. Our Hockey team toques let you rep your favourite hockey team, while supporting a good cause - helping Canadians experiencing homelessness stay warm.

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Toques we Give

Made out of new and used, knit hockey socks, which we collect and fully repurpose into warm and durable toques. Our toques are double-layered for added warmth. All hockey socks that we collect are washed, disinfected, and patched if there are small rips or tears.