Stay Warm Together Tour


November 1st - 10th

We gave 4000 toques across Canada from an RV!

Helping Canadians in need stay warm from Toronto out East to Halifax.

10 Days, 5 Provinces, 10 Stops

The Toques From The Heart team is warming hearts and heads all the way out East in an RV travelling 4000km and donating as many toques as possible. Click the logos on the map below to learn about the non-profits we're stopping at and giving toques to.

Our Timetable

Find out where we will be along the way and when. If you're interested in meeting up in your community to help give back during this trip please feel free to reach out!

(Nov 1 - 3) Ontario

Day 1: Toronto

Visiting: YSM Evergreen Centre and Scott Mission

Day 2: Kingston

Visiting: Kingston Youth Shelter

Day 3: Ottawa

Visiting: Operation Come Home

(Nov 4, 5) Quebéc

Day 4: Montreal

Visiting: St. Michaels Mission

Day 5: Quebec city

Visiting: Fondation Famille Jules Dallaire

(Nov 6) New Brunswick

Day 6:


Visiting: Fredericton Homeless Shelters Inc.


Visiting: Harvest House Atlantic - Shelter&Community Center

(Nov 7) PEI

Day 7: Charlottetown

Visiting: John Howard Society

(Nov 8 -10) Nova Scotia

Day 8: Halifax

Visiting: Metro Turning Point Centre

Day 9 & 10: Drive back to Toronto

Our Goal


Draw attention to the growing issue of homelessness in Canada from Toronto to the East Coast of Canada.


Support our giving partners and spotlight the specific missions that they are fighting for all while engaging with the community they are a part of.


Donate thousands of toques to Canadians who are experiencing homelessness.

buy a toque = give a toque

How can you help?

Every toque purchased from now until November 6th is one more toque that we are able to donate on this tour. Your purchase is directly helping make this giving trip possible.

The Inspiration

Why the "Stay Warm Together" Tour?

"Stay Warm Together" is our mantra. When someone buys a toque for themselves they are not only keeping themselves warm, but they are also keeping a Canadian in need warm as well, allowing us all to stay warm together.

The "Stay Warm Together Tour" is about spreading this message and mission to as many people as possible. We want to show those in need that people care about them and want to ensure that they have one of the most essential items to stay warm in Canadian winters.