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Banff Winter Packing List: What to Pack for Canada in Winter
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Banff Winter Packing List: What to Pack for Canada in Winter

By: Cameron and Natasha

If you need some guidance on what to pack, check out our Banff winter packing list. It’s best to come prepared because winter in the Canadian Rockies can be frigid. Winter in Banff can alternate between 3-5C to -40C, the same in both Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Never fear the most extreme temperatures happen only a few times in the winter. Plus, with proper packing and the right clothes, we rarely let the cold deter us from enjoying the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. You’ve probably heard this before, but the key to staying warm is layers. This means a solid exterior layer in the form of a warm jacket.

The last one is super important as the wind can pull the heat away from your body and leave you feeling much colder. Read on to learn what we recommend packing for Banff in the winter.


You’ll definitely want a way to protect your ears and head from the cold. A hat is one of the best ways to retain body heat. We just got some hats from Toques From The Heart, which makes some tremendously comfortable, warm, and excellent quality hats. The best part is the company gives away a toque to a Canadian in need with the sale of every hat.

What To Wear Skiing In Canada Winter


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