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Toques From The Heart
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Mama Ash: Toques from the Heart ~ Buy a toque, Give a toque
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Mama Ash: Toques from the Heart ~ Buy a toque, Give a toque

I have a fabulous Canadian company that I am very happy to share with you.  Toques from the Heart make beautiful toques with high quality materials such as their Premium toques made with merino wool and many more. Such as acrylic(it’s so soft and warm!) and that’s in the Classic style and I love the hockey style toques which I want to get for my son’s friends. How did I not know they had a Winnipeg Team toque!

What makes Toques from the Heart so special?

When you buy a toque, Toques from the Heart donates their high quality toques to the homeless. Toques from the Heart was founded in 2019 by Casey, Matt, and Matthew, three McMaster University Students in Hamilton, Ontario. The three became friends and unified in a common vision to start a business with a meaningful and positive impact.  Winter of 2020/2021 Toques from the Heart gave 2,500 toques to Canadians experiencing homelessness, all thanks to your support. They’ve partnered with 15 amazing organizations across Ontario to help distribute these toques.
To help Toques from the Heart they’ve partnered with 25 giving partners across the country. Working with organizations that know their communities the best, Toques from the Heart can be assured that the toques will be going to the people who need it most, when they need it most.


The Classic is the perfect classic toque style. They are warm, they are comfy, they are double layered and durable. The best part, they are Canadian made!

All of their toques come with their new “stay warm together” hidden message on the back behind the rim. It’s to remind you of the mission that you’ve helped bring to life.


I have the Merino Wool and it’s my favourite. It offers a heightened level of softness and stretchiness that will make you forget you’re even wearing it, it’s true! To top it off they added a classy suede tag with a debossed logo.  Now, which one are you going to get?  If you’re looking for the perfect Made in Canada toque.  THIS IS IT!!! And you’re helping the homeless stay warm.  Thank you to Toques from the Heart.  I wish them so much success.


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