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Toques From The Heart
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Toques From The Heart makes winter more comfortable for homeless Canadians
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Toques From The Heart makes winter more comfortable for homeless Canadians

By: Jess Foley

Homelessness is a systemic problem across Canada. About 35,000 Canadians experience homelessness on any given night. Toques From The Heart is aiming to donate 35,000 toques to the homeless this year, and we can help them meet this goal.

When I received an email asking to help promote Toques From The Heart (TRTH) in their lofty goal, I had to respond. The Toronto company sent three toques to me, free of charge, to try out for myself. And they said that three toques were also donated to the cause.

“Toques from the Heart creates soft and stylish toques that make winter more comfortable for you and a Canadian in need,” the company said in a media release. “Not everyone has easy access to warm clothing. For every toque purchased for yourself, Toques From The Heart gives a toque to a Canadian experiencing homelessness.”

These toques are beautiful. While I haven’t yet had to wear a toque out and about this winter season, they fit our heads well and look super cute. The girls and I look forward to colder days and outdoor winter activities to show them off!

“All of the toques have been carefully crafted to be stylish enough for you to take anywhere, comfortable enough to wear all day, and warm enough to take Canadian winters head-on,” TFTH continued. “They all have perfectly rounded tops, an adjustable rim, and our new ‘stay warm together’ hidden message stitched onto the back under the rim.”

Toques From The Heart currently has three stylish options, all made in Canada:

Classic Toques (2.0)

“These favourite toques just got better! They’re softer and stretchier than ever before and designed with you in mind,” TFTH stated. “Made with new and comfortable double-layered ribbed knit fibers that will keep you extra warm, they also have a perfectly rounded four-panel top making this their best classic toque yet!”

Merino Toques

The newest addition to the toque family, these premium toques come in four neutral colours. Made out of merino wool, they offer a heightened level of softness and stretchiness that will make you forget you’re even wearing it, according to the release.

Merino wool is perfect for the outdoor adventurer and fitness enthusiast, the company stated. The natural crimped fibers trap air, protecting your head from the cold weather. “When engaging in outdoor activities like running and hiking, Merino wool transports sweat away from the skin quickly, keeping you comfortable and dry,” TFTH said.

Hockey Team Toques

These toques are the best way to show your favourite hockey team pride as well as give back to your community, according to the release. “Modelled off of a hockey sock and steamed for softness, these toques are incredibly warm, durable, and meant for cold rinks and outdoor ponds. Plus, they come with a cool pompom and patch logo.”

We received both the Classic Toque 2.0 and a Merino Wool toque. You can definitely feel the difference – while I thought the Classic was soft and lovely, the Merino is even more so!

How it all started: 

Toques from the Heart was founded in 2019 by Casey Rogan, Matt Milne, and Matthew Carter, three McMaster University Students in Hamilton, Ontario. According to the release, the three became friends and united in a common vision to start a business with a meaningful and positive impact.

After seeing first-hand the problem of homelessness in their communities and the difficulties that the homeless face during the cold winters, Toques From The Heart set out on a mission to give toques to the approximately 35,000 Canadians that experience homelessness on any given night, the company stated.

It all began with the team creating their first line of toques through their unique and sustainable method of repurposing hockey socks into warm and durable toques that will survive Canadian winters. They found support in the Hockey community, organizing hockey sock drives to help find the material to upcycle in order to create their iconic toques, according to the release.

”We were overwhelmed and excited about all the support we were getting once we launched,” said Milnes, co-founder of TFTH. “Seeing communities come together to help the homeless was incredible. In our first year, we received thousands of hockey socks donated from communities across the GTA. During the 2020 winter season, we were able to give 2,500 toques to the homeless. This year we have set a goal to give 35,000 toques.”

How do Toques From The Heart help the homeless?

The concept is simple. When a toque is purchased, the company gives a toque to someone who is homeless. In other words – when you buy a toque, they give a toque.

By making a purchase you’re helping keep someone warm and making them feel seen, according to TFTH.

“At the same time by wearing your toques with pride and supporting Toques From The Heart you’re helping to bring awareness to how prevalent homelessness is in Canada,” the company said.

Toques From The Heart originally partnered with 15 giving partners in Ontario and is now partnered with 25 organizations across Canada to give more to those in need. Any organization interested in partnering with this cause is encouraged to learn more on the company’s website.

Toques From The Heart said they have only scratched the surface of who they have helped and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. They hope to one day reach their ultimate goal – to give toques to the 35,000 Canadians that experience homelessness on any given night. After all, everyone deserves to stay warm.

Learn more about Toques From the Heart on their website:




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