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Toques From The Heart
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Importance of Charitable Businesses - Why We Should Be Giving
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Importance of Charitable Businesses - Why We Should Be Giving

Giving is more important now, than ever. Businesses are stepping up and finding ways in which the consumer can contribute to helping those who need it most. There are many ways businesses can get creative and discover new avenues to helping others. Today we’re covering the importance of charitable businesses and how you can get involved.

Let’s jump in!

Importance of Charitable Businesses: 

Why should businesses contribute a portion of their revenue or give away products or services for free?  With the pandemic affecting the number of people experiencing homelessness, businesses understand that they can be doing more to help those in need.

Not only do charitable businesses give but they also inspire others to spread kindness, creating a ripple effect. This ripple effect can be seen in many cases where customers and even competitors will donate to the same cause. Brining awareness to the issues we face contributes greatly to helping others and giving back. 

It’s important for businesses to pick a cause that they’re passionate about, as well as creating a project that others can get involved in. By creating an inclusive community of people that are engaged and invested in, we'll be able to evoke change! It may take longer than expected but once people get aboard a business’s mission to give back, it will create a chain effect. 

The success of a charitable business also rides on the transparency of past, present and future projects. Sharing exactly what you’re donating and your story speaking to how you got to where you are today will build trust around your brand and people will want to get involved! 

How You Can Help:


Of course, it’s not only businesses who should be responsible for giving! Everyone can find ways to give, making the lives of others much better in the process. Here are a few ways you can get started:

  • Donate used clothing - When you’re ready to toss away your old clothes, remember that someone else could use that to stay warm. At Toques From The Heart, we collect used hockey socks and repurpose them into toques for the homeless. We connect with a range of non-profits around Canada in order to give as many toques as possible. 
  • Support charitable businesses - If you’re able to support businesses that give back, that’s amazing. We give toques to Canadians experiencing homelessness. We stand by our ‘buy a toque, give a toque’ policy, where we give a toque for every single toque purchased to someone who needs it! 
  • Speak up - Spread the word when you hear about a charitable business that more people should know about. This will help create the ripple effect mentioned earlier. 

Giving back (One toque at a time):

We met this young man on the right, in downtown Hamilton late November of 2020, and we gave him a toque. He was incredibly grateful and we ended up speaking with him for a while, then took a few photos with him and his new toque. He told us about how all his other clothes were given to him by the local Salvation Army. It was a unique experience because he was one of the youngest guys we've supported with a toque and he honestly just seemed like just a regular guy we would go to school with. At the time he was just under unfortunate circumstances and really didn't have many belongings or a place to call home.

Our Giving Goals:

Each year, we set out to provide as many homeless Canadians with toques to keep them warm. Our giving goal for this year is 2000 toques and we’re currently at 1900.

Help us reach our goal by the end of the winter by purchasing a toque today! 


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