Become a Giving Partner

If you are an organization that helps Canadians experiencing homelessness and are in need of toques to give, please email us or use the form below.
Let us know how many toques you need and for what date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you donate your toques?

We work with approximately 25 giving partners across the country to distribute our donated toques and scarves. Our giving partners are made up of incredible non-profits, charities, and individuals across the country with the same mission as us, to help Canadians stay warm.

Which toques get donated?

We have crafted a special "Giving Toque" that is extremely warm, comfortable and durable. We focused on creating a quality, long-lasting toque for Canadians experiencing homelessness, so that we can all stay warm together.

How can I help?

Purchase a toque: For every toque purchased, we promise to get a toque to a Canadian in need on your behalf.

Become an ambassador: Help those in your community by becoming a TFTH ambassador! Learn more here: Become an Ambassador

Alternatively, spreading the word about Toques From The Heart on social media and in your community continues to grow our community and raise awareness for homeless Canadians.

How long does shipping take?

Canada: 2-8 Business Days

U.S.A: 2-4 Business Days

International: 5-22 Business Days

How much does shipping cost?

All orders over $100 include free shipping. Shipping rates are subject to location, and are as follows:

Ontario: $8.99

Rest of Canada: $11.99

U.S.A: $11.99

Rest of World: $19.99

Do you offer custom toques?

Yes! Learn more about our custom toques, and place your order here: Custom Toques

I haven't received my order yet, what do I do?

If it has been over two weeks since you placed your order (Canada & U.S.A), please send an email to info@toquesfromtheheart and we will do everything we can to assist you!