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Toques From The Heart
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Can-Dan & CMHA Come Together To Help Those In Need
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Can-Dan & CMHA Come Together To Help Those In Need

At Toques From The Heart, we believe in keeping things warm and cozy while also spreading care. Recently, a special collaboration between Can-Dan and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) made a big difference.

CanDan's Kind Gesture

CanDan bought our toques not just for themselves but also to help others. For every toque they bought, one was donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association. This simple idea meant they shared warmth and kindness with people who needed it.

Toques From The Heart and CanDan Donate Toques to Canadian Mental Health Association

CMHA Loved the Idea

CMHA really liked this idea! They accepted the toques and were so impressed that they made their own special toques for their team during the holidays. Not only did their staff receive great quality toques for the holidays, but we were also able to donate an additional 80 toques to them for their clients in need.

CMHA Team Picture with Toques From The Heart

Gifts That Make a Difference

This teamwork between CanDan and CMHA shows how simple things like toques can bring people together and help others feel cared for and supported.

At Toques From The Heart, we believe that small gestures can create big feelings. CanDan and CMHA's partnership shows how warmth and kindness can spread, making everyone feel a little happier and cozier, especially during the holidays.



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