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Toques From The Heart
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Toronto Pearson Helps Toques From The Heart Reach 20,000 Donations
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Toronto Pearson Helps Toques From The Heart Reach 20,000 Donations

We are proud to announce that we have now donated over 20,000 toques, socks, and mittens to Canadians experiencing homelessness. The team at Toronto Pearson purchased custom toques for their entire staff, allowing us to donate 2000 toques to non-profits located in Toronto. Representatives from Pearson joined us as we visited 7 non-profits in the Toronto area to stock them up with toques to donate to Canadians in need. Below, read about each stop we made along the way!


Our Place Peel - 200 Toques: Featured Activities: Providing shelter, food assistance, and support services to the homeless population in Peel Region

Our Place Peel stands as a beacon of hope for individuals experiencing homelessness in Peel Region. With 200 donated toques, Toques From The Heart and Pearson Airport extend warmth to those finding shelter and aid through their compassionate initiatives.

Our Place Peel Toque Donation 

St. Leonard's Place - 200 Toques: Featured Activities: Offering rehabilitation programs and support for individuals reintegrating after incarceration

St. Leonard's Place's dedication to reintegrating individuals into society after incarceration is bolstered by the warmth and comfort of 200 donated toques, symbolizing the support and care offered by the community.

St. Leonards Place Toque Donation 

Elizabeth Fry - 200 Toques: Featured Activities: Supporting women affected by the justice system through advocacy, housing, and social services

With 200 donated toques, Toques From The Heart and Pearson Airport extend their support to Elizabeth Fry's mission of empowering women affected by the justice system, offering warmth and comfort during their journey towards stability.

 EFRY Toque Donation

Seva Food Bank - 200 Toques: Featured Activities: Providing food assistance and support services to individuals and families in need

Seva Food Bank's commitment to addressing food insecurity receives an added layer of warmth with 200 donated toques, serving as a reminder of the caring community surrounding those in need.

 Seva food bank toque donation

Frontlines - 200 Toques: Featured Activities: Offering youth development programs and support to at-risk youth

Frontlines' mission to uplift and guide at-risk youth is bolstered by 400 donated toques, providing not just warmth but also a sense of belonging and support during challenging times.

 Frontlines Toque Donation

Engage and Change - 800 Toques: Featured Activities: Organizing the 'Project Winter Survival' initiative to provide survival kits to homeless individuals

Engage and Change's commitment to supporting the homeless population during winter receives an additional layer of support with 800 donated toques, amplifying their efforts to keep individuals warm and safe.

 Engage and Change Toque Donation

New Circles Community Services - 200 Toques: Featured Activities: Offering clothing assistance and employment programs for individuals facing poverty

New Circles Community Services' dedication to providing clothing assistance and employment programs is complemented by 250 donated toques, symbolizing the warmth and support of the community.

 New Circles Toque Donation

Through the collaborative efforts of Toques From The Heart and Pearson Airport, these organizations are equipped not just with toques but with symbols of unity, and community support. Thank you to Toronto Pearson for your support!



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