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Mystic Ramen Empowers Hamilton Youth Through Corporate Giving
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Mystic Ramen Empowers Hamilton Youth Through Corporate Giving

Mystic Ramen, a beloved restaurant nestled in Hamilton, Ontario, has teamed up with Toques From The Heart to make a significant impact on the lives of local youth. Their collaboration showcases the power of corporate giving and the transformative nature of gifts that give back.

Supporting the Local Community

Mystic Ramen's decision to purchase custom toques from Toques From The Heart isn't just about corporate gifting; it's about supporting the nearby community. By choosing to provide these toques to both their employees and customers, they've initiated a cycle of giving that extends beyond their doors.

A Partnership That Makes a Difference

This collaboration holds immense significance for Living Rock Youth Resources, a vital non-profit organization just down the road from Mystic Ramen. Living Rock is dedicated to providing essential support to vulnerable youth between the ages of 13-25 who face significant risk factors such as family loss, poverty, substance misuse, and mental health struggles.

Businesses Giving Back, One Toque at a Time

Through Mystic Ramen's purchase of these custom toques, they're not just investing in stylish accessories; they're investing in the future of their community. For every toque sold at their establishment, another is donated to Living Rock Youth Resources, a gesture that goes beyond corporate gifting to truly uplift and support those in need.

Buy a Toque, Give a Toque

Empowering Through Corporate Responsibility

By choosing to collaborate with Toques From The Heart, Mystic Ramen exemplifies the spirit of businesses giving back. Their decision to support the local community's vulnerable youth highlights the transformative power of businesses aligning with social causes. This initiative isn't solely about the bottom line; it's about the impact that businesses can have on their communities. Mystic Ramen's support for Living Rock Youth Resources is a testament to the strength of businesses leveraging their resources to uplift and empower those facing adversity.



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