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Toques From The Heart
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Toques From The Heart and Air Canada: A Gift with a Social Twist
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Toques From The Heart and Air Canada: A Gift with a Social Twist

In an impactful collaboration, Toques From The Heart and Air Canada have come together to weave a story of fashion, comfort, and social responsibility. Many Air Canada employee's will be receiving a gift with purpose this November - A custom Toque From The Heart. These toques will help the staff stay warm in style this winter, while also contributing to the homelessness crisis across the country. With each and every toque that Air Canada purchased, Toques From The Heart donates a second toque to a Canadian experiencing homelessness, ensuring we all stay warm, together.

    Unique Customization

    These custom toques have a distinctive touch—each one features a tag with Air Canada's logo on the front and the Toques From The Heart logo on the back. This intentional design allows Air Canada employees to represent their company while being reminded of the impactful mission they are contributing to.

    Custom Air Canada Toque From The Heart

    Nationwide Distribution Strategy

    At Toques From The Heart, we work closely with over 75 non-profit organizations across the country to ensure that the donated toques reach those who need them the most. This extensive network guarantees a widespread and effective distribution of warmth. When working with a company that has one location, we are able to donate the toques to a local non-profit, ensuring an impact is made in their direct community. For a company like Air Canada who operates across the entire country, our giving network allows us to give their donated toques coast to coast.

    Air Canada's Motivation

    Air Canada's decision to choose Toques From The Heart for their staff goes beyond the desire for fashionable and comfortable accessories. They wanted to gift their employees something with a social backing, aligning with their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through this purchase, Air Canada not only elevates the style of its staff but also extends warmth to Canadians experiencing homelessness.

    Real Impact, Real Warmth

    As winter approaches, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of fashion with purpose and the warmth that can be shared across the nation. Air Canada's contribution will affect so many lives across the country, allowing people who don't have access to appropriate winter clothing to stay warm this winter.

    Get Involved

    Make a statement with your corporate gifting this year! We invite you to redefine your gifting strategy with our custom toques - stylish, comfortable, and shining with social impact. We offer bulk purchases, and complete toque customization options. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to us on our Corporate Giving Page!



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