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5 Benefits of Merino Wool
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5 Benefits of Merino Wool

If you love spending time outdoors, you’ve probably heard of merino wool. It’s often used for outdoor clothing to keep you warm when you’re hiking, playing hockey or spending extended periods of time in cold temperatures. Today we’re looking at the various benefits of merino wool so you can decide if it’s right for you! 

What is Merino Wool?


Before we get started, you might be wondering what merino wool is. It’s made by using the natural fibre that comes from Merino sheep. Merino sheep are found in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Turkey and Italy. In these places, the sheep need to stay warm but the coat must be light enough for them to move around easily. 

Benefits of Merino Wool

black merino wool toque

So what’s so great about merino wool? Let's take a look at five benefits: 

1. Super soft and durable

No one likes an itchy wool! If you're after comfort, merino wool is your best bet. Each fibre is extremely stretchy compared to other wools, which helps it maintain a great shape. The material is also very durable so you can wear in snow, rain or hail without fear that it will get ruined. 

2. Regulates body temperature

One of the worst part about wearing a hat in cooler weather is how uncomfortable you can get when you come inside and start to sweat. This type of wool will automatically regulate your temperature so you sweat less and stay warmer when you're outside and don't overheat when you come indoors. 

3. Odour resistant

There's no need to worry about lingering smells with merino wool. Unlike other materials, it neutralizes any odour that occurs which is a win in our books!

4. Easy to wash

If your merino clothing gets dirty, you can throw it right in a regular washing load. It can also be tumble dried without feel of the item changing shape or getting ruined. 

5. Sustainable 

One of the best benefits of merino wool is that it's a sustainable option. Merino sheep grow a new fleece each year and it contains natural proteins that can easily biodegrade when you're done using it. 

Get Your hands on a Merino Toque From The Heart

When you buy a toque, we give a toque to a Canadian in need.

merino wool toques toronto toques from the heart

After taking a look at some of the benefits of merino wool, what are you waiting for? Shop our latest collection of merino wool toques now! Check out some of our favourite colours for the season and remember that when you buy a toque from Toques From The Heart, we give a toque to a Canadian experiencing homelessness. 

Learn more about our initiative and we can't wait to see you rocking your new merino toque on Instagram!

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