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Hamilton Charities and Non-Profits That Are Giving Back
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Hamilton Charities and Non-Profits That Are Giving Back

Looking for a way to give back? These Hamilton charities and non-profits provide you with a chance to make a difference and they’re some of our favourites! Each year we donate toques to these organizations to spread warmth to those who need it over the winter. You can view how many toques have been donated under each organization! 

541 Eatery & Exchange  


Address: 541 Barton St E, Hamilton 

This cafe is all about paying it forward! They’re a non-profit that’s doing its best to provide everyone with a meal. If you want to grab a meal for someone, you can purchase a  $1 ‘button’. Then anyone is able to use up to 5 buttons to help them get a meal. On both of our visits, the team there have always been very kind and they have an amazing selection of food and great coffee ($1 for a small!). We will definitely come back and we are happy to support such a great business.

All proceeds from their food sales are put directly into community groups and free programming to help those in the community that need it most. 

Donate to 541 Eatery & Exchange here!

Toques donated = 100 

Eva Rothwell Centre 


Address: 460 Wentworth St, North Hamilton

The Eva Rothwell Centre has been around since 2006. They are focused on helping families in poverty by providing them with the resources and support needed to better their lives and find academic and professional success. Their staff are amazing and a great example of that is Jordan Bailey, their program supervisor who we had the pleasure of meeting. They loved the idea and we were so happy to support them with our toques and share their mission!

Take action with Eva Rothwell Centre here

Toques donated = 190

Living Rock Youth Resources 




Address: 30 Wilson St, Hamilton

As the name explains, Living Rock Youth Resources supports at-risk youth in Hamilton. They specifically help youth between the ages of 13-25 by helping them navigate social systems, as well as meeting their basic needs. Some of this includes providing free meals, 7 days a week, access to showers and laundry services, parenting support, drop-in programs and more! Their team is made up of some of the most positive and caring individuals we have ever met and Julie Conway their Operations Director welcomed us with warm arms. They are dedicated to their cause and we could feel their passion with the conversations we had. We knew our donation to them was being handled by a team that wants to make a real impact and would help keep the youth in Hamilton warm.

Learn how you can get involved here

Toques donated = 150 

The Salvation Army



Address: 94 York Blvd, Hamilton

The Salvation Army is one of the biggest Hamilton charities and non-profits. They’re an international Christian organization that has been in Canada since 1882! They help over 400 communities in Canada and more than 130 different countries. Some of what they do involves providing shelter, addictions, detox and mental health beds for those in need. They have a wide range of programs and initiatives to support vulnerable people. We met with Dan Millar when we did our donations in 2020 and it was great learning about the reach and impact that the Salvation Army has and the good that they are doing in our local community.

Start helping with The Salvation Army today. 

Toques donated = 350 

Good Shepherd 



Address: 135 Mary St, Hamilton 

The Good Shepherd is known around Hamilton for providing meals, a clean and safe place to sleep, fresh clothes and someone to talk to. They care about human dignity and make sure everyone is seen and heard. They provide housing and support for 16 individuals and they are always having new people come in. When we called to see if they needed toques they told us that they were getting requests for them but did not have any donated yet so we came by in the nick of time!

Learn about their upcoming events and how you can help here

Toques donated = 100

Start Helping Hamilton Charities and Non-Profits

So which one of these Hamilton charities and non-profits spoke to you? You can’t go wrong when it comes to donating or volunteering with any of these organizations.

The Toques From The Heart team is passionate about providing Canadians that are experiencing homelessness with a warm toques for the winter. Take a look at our full list of giving partners and connect with us on Instagram to learn more about what we do! 

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